Thursday, December 7, 2017

1972 Sunoco Sticker 'Updates'

Here's something that won't interest many (any? LOL) but it sure made me happy. The 1972 Sunoco Stamps Baltimore Colts issue was part of a semi-national gas station premium that featured 24 players from each NFL team plus an album.

The initial group of 24 Colts was easy to find in a lot on eBay, as was the album. What was much more difficult were the two 'new player' stickers which were what amounted to an update to the original group.

Back in October I found a seller who had these things. I sent him an offer for the two Colts and then the listing disappeared. But the seller contacted me and said he'd relist them for the price I offered and that was that. It was all sort of weird but in the end I picked up what amounted to a pair of minor 'white whales'. 

Yes, the two new player stickers actually have 'NEW PLAYER' printed on the bottom. Here is the post from early 2015 in which I included these things as part of my Baltimore Colts Card History series. Below are a couple of the regular issue stickers.


Sports Collectors Digest had an article on these stamps earlier in 2017. No mention of the added players but still informative.


  1. Don't know much about these stickers, but I'm glad you were able to reel in a pair of whales.

  2. Oddballs always catch my interest! I wish these kind of premiums would make a comeback - if gas stations sold cards or stickers like this today, I'd never forget to fill up my tank!

  3. Vintage oddballs are always cool, even if they're not ones I would collect. Thanks for sharing these!

  4. I'm still looking for the Browns from the Update set. Never seem to find them. I'll look again on eBay.

    1. the seller's ID is oddballsteve. He has nothing up right now but I bet you could contact him thru the site

  5. I have been needing the Ron Saul for the longest time now. I love the color in this set.

  6. Dennis Nelson played college ball at Illinois State University and is a farmer in Illinois!