Sunday, March 19, 2017

Somebody needs these

I frequently go through bloggers' wantlists to see if I might have anything they are looking for. I know most of you do this. Sometimes I see something that may help fill someone's needs that is close at hand. I keep a lot of my vintage dupes and other more current cards that I have no need for in storage boxes under a daybed our cat's lounging platform in my home office.

But sometimes I'm pretty sure I have an item stowed away in my hobby closet. Those take some digging to find and in that case I make a note to remind myself to look for it the next time I venture into the holy hell that is my storage area. I do the same thing with items I see that other people blog about that have peaked my interest.

A couple of weeks (months) ago I stuck this Post-it on my monitor:

I know it's not an 'I need to buy these' note because I finished the '63 Fleer set a year or two ago. And I ended up with a bunch of dupes. This morning I ventured into my closet in search of something else and came across my Fleer dupes and pulled out the Aspromonte and Pearson. So now I can fill someone(s) needs!

Except for one big problem. I failed to note whose wantlist(s) prompted me to make that note. I have the feeling that the two cards are sought by different people because I clearly added Pearson's name after I made the note with the Aspromonte. I've sort of half-assed it checking some blogs and I can't find the right one. Maybe whoever needed them has already filled the slots. But maybe not.

So I ask either (or both) of these cards on your wantlist? If so get in touch and I'll get them to you on my next post office run.


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    1. Boom....I thought I went back and looked at yours. Getting old is tough.

      Send me your mailing info and I'll get Albie to you.

      commishbob at g mail dot com

  2. I enjoyed this Public Service Announcement!