Friday, March 3, 2017

Five Card Stud

Robert of $30 A Week Habit sent folks five cards. All we had to do is write a 100 word post about them. Here goes....

'59 style Topps Bill Russell. Love Russell. Love pink cards. Love '59 Topps. Fun card!

'75 Dan Dierdorf. Vintage football cards are cool things. That helmet logo bites though. LOL

Arian Foster. Shiny chromified 2011 card. Cool card, odd guy. Goes in my Texans binder.

Rod Gilbert. My first hockey hero! Great skater, wicked shot. The GAG Line, Goal A Game. Gilbert, Nevin, Ratelle. They were awesome!

100 words, on the nose. Thanks so much, Robert!


  1. I like the Foster card but what's the deal with the monster band-aids?

  2. I was wondering who was going to be the first to get their contest post up.

  3. That's a sweet pair of Gilberts! Love the Dierdorf too, but I love anything from 1975 Topps Football.

  4. Well done Commish!! The Dierdorf was one my favorite cards that I picked out from all the envelopes I sent.

    1. 42 years later and he looks exactly the same!