Tuesday, October 20, 2015

1961 Topps MVP Mickey Mantle

At the risk of becoming 'Mr. Vintage Subset' I decided to chase the 1961 Topps MVP cards. I started with the Don Newcombe that I posted last Monday. I already had Jackie Jensen, Roger Maris and Bobby Shantz so it was a matter of finding the others in this 16 card subset.

I thought Mantle was going to be the tough one and I had figured that it would take me quite awhile to find one that was in my price range but still presentable. But I got lucky. Right out of the gate this one showed up with a reasonable price and a 'Make Offer' option. My offer was accepted and here he is.

The scan doesn't really show how nice this card is. It's off center but that doesn't detract from the condition in my eyes.

I'm down to five 'needs' in this little group of '61s and I'll get to those soon enough. I'm going to finish off the '63 Fleer set and add a few 1060 Topps before I worry about these.