Thursday, October 8, 2015

Billy Pierce Sketch Card

I bought this on a lark. While I usually like oddball issues (and I have lots of Pierce oddballs) a 'sketch card' seemed kind of...I dunno...'out there' I guess. But I've bought some here and there and I liked this one and for the price I figured "why not?"

The artist has a lot of more limited types of cards on eBay but this is an 'unlimited' edition, whatever that means...probably that he made a bunch of them. I put in a bid for a numbered Johnny Unitas sketch card as well. That will be ending soon. It's rather nice and I'd like to win it. In fact the artist does some pretty good work. I've seen a lot of sports art and some of it is pretty awful but this Edward Vela has talent.

Anyway this is the first addition I've made to my Billy Pierce PC since his passing back on the 31st of July. It'll fit in nicely.


  1. It's a very nice sketch card, anyway. Some of the sketch cards I've seen on the market make me wonder if I should be producing some sketch cards, because "Hell, I can do better than that" often comes into play.

  2. I echo the sentiments about sketch cards above. However, this one here is truly well-done and suitable for framing. It's very Topps Gallery-esque in my eyes.

  3. And yet another reason my Piece collection is jealous of yours. That is a nice sketch card.