Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spring Fling #4

More spring goodness. This time a signed photo of Art Ditmar who pitched for the Yankees from 1957 thru the middle of 1961. His pinstripe days were bracketed by stints with the Athletics, the Yankees' 'kissin' cousins'.

He led the AL with 22 losses in 1956 and allowed 125 earned runs, also #1 in the league. But he had some solid seasons in New York. His 15 wins were fourth in the league in 1960. I saw him pitch in 1961 and he beat the Orioles. I had the program for many years as it was one my father had kept score in. I'm not sure if it's still around.

I've have a decent Art Ditmar PC. Nothing exhaustive like my Pierce collection but I do have his base cards and a few oddballs. Back in 2012 I had an Art Ditmar Week post festival.

Prior to this week my last visit to Spring Training had come way back around 1975. Some friends and I visited Ft. Lauderdale and saw the Yanks play the Mets.


  1. By "kissing cousins," I'm sure you mean, "wholly-owned subsidiary." LOL!

  2. WoW What a good!