Sunday, March 15, 2015

Spring Fling #2

This is the latest addition to my Billy Pierce collection. It's a Baseball Magazine Premium. It's larger than standard 8x10 photos. It was almost bigger than my scanner platen. Baseball Magazine is defunct but these old photos live on with a catalog designation of M114. They were issued into the mid to late 50's. SCD's website has a nice story about them.

Some sources I've read say that Baseball Magazine issued these photos through 1950 but the White Sox didn't wear these pinstripe unis until 1951 so the 1950 date is incorrect.

But whatever year it's from it shows Billy posing in an otherwise empty (and rather desolate looking) ballpark. No palm trees here but the wooden stands and chain link fence all indicate a spring camp shot. The back is blank and the paper stock is rather flimsy but this one is well preserved. It makes a mice addition to the PC, especially as cheap as it was.


  1. Nice piece. I have the Doerr premium framed.

  2. You have a good taste to like and collect good looking players. High five!
    Do you have these things displayed or do you keep them in dossiers? They are so great you should have them displayed!