Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Fling #1

When this post hits the blog I should be in Orlando ready to head down to Viera for the first of six spring games in six days in five different ballparks. Today it's the Nats and Marlins.

I've done a week's worth of posts which are scheduled to appear while I'm overloading on baseball and calories in the Sunshine State. Cards, photos, maybe even a book review will pop up here. All will be tied, maybe very loosely, to Spring Training.

The ultimate ST pic.... Frank Sullivan and Paul Susce work out in Red Sox camp in Sarasota in 1957. According to the caption Sullivan is 'clad in 'gay bathing trunks'.  Whatever.

Casey Stengel keeps a close eye on Yankee prospect Mark Freeman.

Freeman's '59 Topps card has that spring vibe to it.

Nothing says 'Spring Training' like a cyclone fence. Charles William "Whammy" Douglas, one of the great names in baseball. This '59 is a favorite card of mine.

If you were chilly and missing baseball in March of 1956 I bet this SI cover was a welcome sight. 


  1. Every now and then we get these reminders of the original meaning of "gay"... The Flintstones promised us a "gay old time". Old episodes of "What's My Line?" describe it as "The gayest half hour on television".

    1. Bennett Cerf, Dorothy Kilgalin, Peggy Cass and a few others. Great show