Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Billy Pierce Collection

I took a mental health day off yesterday. I took my wife and son to the Minute Maid College Baseball Classic. We cheered on Nebraska and Houston.

But before we headed downtown I spent the morning trying to organize some collections. I pulled my Billy Pierce items out of the various binders that they had ended up in and made a new 'All Pierce' binder for them.

While I had them out I decided to take a few pics. That's a signed cheap replica jersey spread out on the dining room table. The dark blob on the left is a replica Comiskey Park Pierce statue. I have a couple of pins that are not in the photo as those are in a pin collection display that I didn't want to tear apart.

Other than those pins, my Swift's Franks card (it's somewhere in my closet) and a few duplicate cards the pic contains pretty much the whole shootin' match. Right now the only Pierce items I'm really lacking from my list are the Canadian (Shirriff) version of the coin in the lower right, and the '59 Bazooka card. I figure that sometime down the road I'll catch a break and win an auction on that for a decent price. Hasn't happened yet though.

There are some other Topps Heritage cards around that I don't have but I'm not concerned with them. I don't even know what a Diamond Canary Lineage Reprint is.

I plan to send Billy a card to sign this week. He's a great TTM signer and from all accounts a heck of a good guy.


  1. All combined in one binder, eh? This will make stealing all your awesome stuff so much simpler.

    Billy is an amazing TTM. Granted, he lives about 15 miles from me, but I got my TTM request back in 4 days.

  2. I don't know what TTM means, but if it means he signs stuff, that's great. Big Giants year in 1962, gonna have to find something for him. That's an excellent photo, BTW. Too bad you can't just leave it like that. I pigeon-hole you as an Orioles fan but then you always post awesome things outside of that and I wonder how you get into them. Why Billy Pierce?