Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Billy Pierce Phone Card

Remember phone cards? For awhile these things were part of the memorabilia landscape. I had a couple of Oriole phone cards. You could usually find them at shows on the same tables where you found Broder cards and Bammers. I still see them for sale from time to time, mostly in ethnic grocer stores and aimed at those wishing to phone folks back in the old country. In my neck of the woods that means Mexico and Central America. I think they work by keying in a number found of the back which equates to the way one would pump coins into a pay phone. You kids may need to ask someone what the hell all that means. Pay phones? WTH?

My fiend Mike McKay recently tipped me to this Billy Pierce phone card. As you can see below on the packaging this was a New Comiskey Park giveaway in 1996. The card was placed into the middle of a foldout with some of that gummy glue.

These two scans are the front and back of the folder:

Minnie Minoso and Nellie Fox were the two other Sox old-timers that were honored with a $5 card. Here is the complete center of the foldout with the phone card attached:

I picked this one up on eBay and it came in the original sealed plastic packaging. It's another in my ever growing collection of oddball Pierce items. A big thanks to Mike for bringing this to my attention. I'm not sure how it managed to evade on of my numerous 'saved searches' revolving around Billy Pierce.


  1. "Pay Phone"? You mean like a prepaid cell phone?

    I wish I could say that I didn't know what you were talking about.

    Getting back to the card, it amuses and amazes me how many different Billy Pierce cards you find. I guess a player collector's work is never done.

    1. They also gave away another Pierce phone card in 1999 for the 40th anniversary of the 59 Sox in the World Series!

    2. ANOTHER phone card. It never ends!

    3. Joe... I'm mastering the 'art' of eBay searches. I've got all kinds of Pierce searches saved. I cast a wide net upon the waters.

  2. The 90's and prepaid phone cards go hand and hand... which is exactly why the 90's were awesome!