Wednesday, November 12, 2014

1958 Topps Sport Magazine All Stars, American League edition

I finally finished off the AL All Star subset by 'finding' Luis Aparicio. He'd been MIA for a week or so but he turned himself in on Monday night.

There are ten players in each league's set of All Stars so I scanned the position players and then the two pitchers. They'd have looked better presented in 'nine pocket sheet' style but whatcha going to do?

First the manager, the Ol' Perfessor (and his NL friend, Fred Haney)

And the players:

And finally, the pitchers:

My favorite is the Mickey Mantle but I sure like the Jackie Jensen card as well. The Mantle was a card I worked very hard to get, bidding on many of them before I hit on one at a decent price in a condition I could live with. Jensen was a guy I casually collected but didn't know a lot about until I dug into his backstory. I touched on it briefly on my '59 Topps blog.

Tomorrow I'll show the National League All Stars.


  1. Set looks great. I thought I was going to have to send you back the Aparicio you had sent me a while back. I've gone back and picked up all Jensens Bowman and Topps cards.

  2. As much as I tend not to like the not-natural backgrounds on modern cards, these cards are just plain fantastic.