Saturday, November 1, 2014

1968 Topps Football Posters

I threw a small bid at these two '68 Topps insert posters awhile back and won. I'd been wanting the Unitas but I hadn't been looking very hard. Usually the really cheap ones are pretty beat up. Since these things are made of such thin paper and were folded to be inserted into packs finding presentable ones at decent prices is hit or miss. I got lucky with these. They are yellowed with age but there are no tears and the folds are not very apparent.

The Sayers was included in the two item 'lot' and hey, it's a Gale Sayers! He was about as exciting to watch as a football player could be. If you never saw him play I think a trip to You Tube would be worth the time.

This is a ten minute 'bio' but if you skip to the 2:10 mark or so you'll see a string of clips showing him at his best.

There were 16 of these posters in the set and with a bit of patience to find decent ones at good prices it's an easily obtainable goal. You can see all 16 at this site.

Messing with neat football items like these helps take my mind off my 3-5 fantasy team. Granted I'm tied for first in what is probably the worst division in the history of fantasy sports but I hate having a crappy (and unlucky) team.


  1. Fantastic! Can't wish for a better "lot" than that.

  2. I love the Topps insert posters, but never know what to do with them. Topps would be well advised to reprint these in a more managable size or on a more durable medium... Perhaps as those "wall art" prints they seem so fond of selling these days.

  3. Sayers is renowned in the TTM community as a great signer. I'm pretty certain he's $10 / item, and this would look pretty sweet if you're willing to give it a shot.