Tuesday, November 4, 2014

'58 Topps All Star 'Commons'

If there is such a thing as All Star insert 'commons' I suppose these three cards would fall under that heading. They certainly are not the big names that fill some of the other slots in this 21 card subset. I recently finished it off and these are about half of the cards I'd been lacking.

Herb Score is one of the more interesting stories in 50's baseball lore. The back of the card here hints at it but you can read more here in his New York Times obit. He put up world beating numbers in his first two seasons with the Indians and was off to a great start in 1957 when that line drive derailed his career. He never again approached anything close to his glory days.

This is the checklist of the '58 All Star subset. They are the last 21 cards in the set.

475 F.Haney / C.Stengel All-Star
476 Stan Musial All-Star 
477 Bill Skowron All-Star
478 Johnny Temple All-Star 
479 Nellie Fox All-Star
480 Eddie Mathews All-Star
481 Frank Malzone All-Star
482 Ernie Banks All-Star
483 Luis Aparicio All-Star
484 Frank Robinson All-Star
485 Ted Williams All-Star
486 Willie Mays All-Star
487 Mickey Mantle All-Star 
488 Hank Aaron All-Star
489 Jackie Jensen All-Star
490 Ed Bailey All-Star
491 Sherm Lollar All-Star
492 Bob Friend All-Star
493 Bob Turley All-Star
494 Warren Spahn All-Star
495 Herb Score All-Star

My copy of the Ed Bailey card is rough but for a buck I'm not complaining. Bailey made five NL All Star squads during his career. Interestingly he made the '61 ASG after being traded by the Reds to the Giants early that season. 

Bob Turley won over 100 games in the AL, mostly for the Orioles and Yankees. 1958 was his one 20+ win season.

These are really neat cards i think. I love the 'vs. team' stats lines. I feel richer knowing that "Bullet Bob" Turley beat the Athletics four times in 1957.

I'll be posting the 'big name' cards I picked up to finish these off later in the week.


  1. It's interested how, in an age of balanced schedules, Turley faced the A's 8 times but the Indians only twice. I don't know if that reflects anything beyond the luck of the draw, but it seems odd.

    1. That's the stuff that fascinated me. I noticed on Spahn's card that he only pitched once against the Dodgers in '57. My guess is that it's just timing but you never know.

      hard to gauge Turley. I looked at the '57 Yankee staff and it looks like an odd season. I think Ford was hurt off and on since he had some gaps in his game log. Tom Sturdivent was #1 starter. Maybe a Yankee historian can set us straight.

  2. I think I've seen stats like that in a more recent year..I just can't remember which set or year it was..Maybe some Topps reprint.