Monday, June 23, 2014

I missed at Target, but Night Owl saved me

I was in Target last week and decided to pick up a pack of Heritage. I see hundreds of posts on these things and I like the '65 design so I went ahead and sprung for one. My first and only purchase of 2014 cards. The ones I own are ones that generous bloggers have sent me. I figured I'd get at least one Orioles out of twenty cards. Maybe I'd get lucky and get two.

Nope. I got nothing. A Strasburg, a Don Mattingly, a bunch of other guys I don't care about. I did get one card that wasn't bad:

Jose Altuve may be very small (from the stands he looks like the batboy) but he's a real player. I wish the O's had him. And the orange and gray color scheme is the same as the Orioles '65 Topps cards so it's a pretty good card.

Bottom line: No Orioles, waste of three or four bucks or whatever it was. But luckily when I got the mail delivery I found an envelope from Night Owl and he more than made up for the crappy pack of cards.

First card is ORBIT! He's been the best thing going at Astros games up until the recent glimmer of non-crappiness. The 'Stros are giving away Orbit Antenna next Sunday. That may be just enough reason to go.

Mascots usually just piss me off. Orbit makes me laugh.

Chromey Bowman Adam Jones. Neat card, I like the Earl Weaver patch. I have one of those but I can't figure out what to do with it.

Oh, look it's Cal Jr.!!

A Donruss Ripken. Until you notice the black number and letters on the back of Cal's shirt you don't really figure this to be an 'outside the lines' card set.

Green Chromey Bowman Wei-Yin Chen. He's already matched his win total from last season (7) and may just better his 2012 total (12).

And then..Bingo, one of the very cards I'd hoped to get in the Heritage pack! A Heritage AJ!  He doesn't look too happy to be posing. I think that's the same look he has when Buck Showalter tells him to 'work the count'. 

BTW... here are what the Orbit Antenna look like. The fact that I found this picture proves that if you drill down far enough into Google, you can change the world.

Thanks, Night Owl. You made me forget about that wasted cash.