Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Game One Tonite!

There is very little in the world I love more than the Stanley Cup Final Series. And to have the Rangers in it is almost more than I can stand. Although from what I've been hearing and reading the last day or so the Kings must have skated Lord Stanley's hardware around the United Center Sunday night. I guess I missed that.

One Sirius NHL Radio wag just flat out said that the LA-Chicago Series was the finals. Ooookay. I hope the Rangers were not listening. They might decide it's over and not show up. I have decided to head on over to the Maple Leaf bar in Houston's midtown anyway, just in case that some sort of hockey is on the big screen. Maybe I'll wear my Eddie Giacomin t-shirt just for kicks.

Both of the two cards seen above are throwbackers from the last couple of years. The top one is an In The Game Between The Pipes (whatever that is) and the green bordered card is from Score Hockey (Panini). Neat little cards for the 99 cent price tags I guess. I like to 'pad' my single card purchaces with some dollar items it they don't add to the shipping.

Now for the real deals... vintage Eddie Giacomin cards. I bought these from a company in Canada. They sure charge out the ear for shipping as I recall.

Here are my two signed Giacomin 8x10's:

I bought the bottom one but the one above, in the home blue, a friend picked it up for my at a signing event at MSG (I think) a few years back.

I also got this Giacomin signed puck:

I hope posting some of my Rangers swag brings the Blueshirts good luck tonite. Until then you can find me in church.


  1. ED-DIE! ED-DIE! ED-DIE! That is some great Giacomin swag... It also made me realize that I have just one Eddie Giacomin card, and it shows him with the Red Wings. I shall have to rectify that.

    It just occurred to me that "ED-DIE!" is a multi-purpose cheer for you; could be Giacomin, could be Murray.

  2. Good luck tonight!

    That '66 is in great shape. Corners on that set are murder.