Sunday, June 8, 2014

A Pair of Billy Pierce somethings and a WTH?

First up is what was described to me as a White Sox blank season ticket. I'm not sure what that means exactly but it just appears to be a game ticket that hadn't yet been printed with the game info. Hey, if I can add an oddball Pierce item for 99 cents, I'm all over it.

Next is one of the umpteen different re-packaged versions of the 1956 Topps Pierce card. This one masquerades as a 2002 Heritage certified autograph card. My scanner likes to delete the white borders on Topps cards and I didn't feel it was worth re-scanning this so here it is in all it's shrunken glory.

Topps has milked this image, and the 1952, for all they are worth. Sparkly ones, shiny ones signed ones, ones with stamped gold logos on the front, ones with hologram stickers on the back. This shit makes me dizzy. I don't have a 'want list' for the repackaged pierce cards. I just keep track of what I have and pick up some I lack if I stumble across something. I don't even bother with all the 'modern' cards of my other lefty pitcher collecting subject, Sandy Koufax. It seems to me that Topps put a Koufax card into every pack of every one of their cards and sub-brands that I opened.

And finally here's one I DO NOT have, but I thought you may enjoy checking it out. You'll need to click the picture to appreciate it. The listing is for a "1957 Billy Pierce Tampon Case; ID Cash Condoms Coins". 

Better yet, check out the actual listing. And the same seller has a flask for sale that features the same image! So, a flask and a condom holder. Not sure why he doesn't combine the two and list it as a Saturday Night Billy Pierce Party Pack.

Please write your own joke and leave it in the comments. Thanks.

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