Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's the People You 'Meet'

Let's be honest. Every blogger likes to see their ramblings on the 'Net. It's a big reason why we do this. Yes, I know that some of us will say "I don't care if anyone reads this" but all of us do, to some extent.

But the real currency of blogging isn't the number of posts one spits out, or the number of followers one has, or how many comments your work generates but rather the number of people you will likely never get to see in person but who have, in some odd way, become friends of yours. At least that holds true for me.

One such friend is Ana Lu. She started leaving comments on my blogs from time to time and it was nice to hear from a fellow futbol fan. Then as time went on I found that she is from Portugal which is cool because my grandfather came here from the Portuguese Azore Islands.

And then finally I discovered that she, too, is a blogger. She writes the Hobby Card Europe blog. I enjoy reading it because she brings a European view, a woman's voice (there are so few females blogging about this hobby) and, frankly, I'm charmed by her wonderful Portuguese-influenced way of writing in English. (I hope that doesn't offend you, Ana).

Like many (most?) of us Ana has a 'niche' collection. Be it "Plays at the Plate", "Awesome Night Cards" or my own "Guys on the Phone" card collection we seem to love these sorts of focused personal collections. Her's is "Dust is in the Air" which features cards that show players kicking up infield dust, mostly by sliding.

Check it out, and remember that "Enviar um comentário" means "Leave a Comment". A few weeks back Ana let me know she was sending me an envelope. It arrived early last week and it was fun. First of all it came from Portugal and therefore had postage and marking that were pretty unique. Inside I found quite a bit more that the 'couple of things' Ana had promised.

First there were several of these shiny cards which I'd never seen. They are labeled as 'Phil Rizzuto's Baseball/The National Pastime cards. They are very shiny with a 3-D sort of effect and don't scan well. Most are copies of old-time baseball art or baseball-related magazine covers from early in the last century. The write-ups on the backs are pretty informative. 

A stack of shiny (chrome?) rookie Topps cards came out of the envelope next. My scanner hates them. I like the fact that the Colby Rasmus filled a hole in my 'fantasy team' needs.

Next were Oriole cards from the early 1990's which all filled a need since I was 'away' from the hobby for most of that decade. Here are two of them, both Cal Ripken cards. The second is an O-Pee-Chee.

Also included were some 2012 and 2013 Oriole Topps cards. Between these and some sent along by Night Owl some weeks ago I think I have the regular issue Birds filled in from the last couple of years.

Last, but certainly not least was a treasure trove of futbol items.

These cards are two of four cards I got that come from a Portuguese set made by Panini in Italy. Great looking cards. I love team crests that all international club teams have and each of these have crests from La Liga clubs.

Ana also sent along a huge stack of Panini futbol stickers. Lots of famous international players are included in this set as well as team photos and stadium shots. I see Panini stickers at Target and WalMart. Not sure if these are the same things. I'd guess they are.

Thanks again, Ana. It was really cool to get an envelope from the land of my grandfather. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated.

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  1. Hi there!

    I have some spelling problems in Portuguese and in English too lol Even the automatic spell check doesn't know what to do with me sometimes ;)

    I'm truly happy you, first of all, received the package. It was my very first package sent to someone!
    But even more that you enjoyed it.

    I cannot go to the store and get cards so I don't have that much to give, but it's quite cool I managed to get you some cards you didn't have!

    Panini stickers rule here in Europe. Panini America seems to follow a different type of business but that's normal, you are used to cards and we to stickers.
    Stickers have that cool thing that as kid you could put them on your school notebook and be the coolest in class.

    Those rookies cards were only given in the Factory Set 'Home Team Advantage' but I got them (by Topps mistake) in a 2009 Topps U&H value box.

    All in all I'm happy that you liked the symbolic gifts from this side of the Atlantic. You are in my mailing list for future packages ;)