Thursday, May 9, 2013

1956 Harvey Haddix

Here is the 1956 Harvey Haddix I managed to score in a contest run by Napkin Doon a week or so ago. It was called the 'Big Fun' contest and the idea was that the participants were allowed to choose an unseen prize. The following participants in turn could 'steal' a previously revealed prize or chose another unseen one. It was a lot like the Christmas gift exchange idea my sister-in-law railroaded down everyone's throat about ten years ago.

Having drawn the #10 slot I was able to check out nearly the entire 'field' of prizes and when the Haddix card was revealed I zeroed in on it. Then when I took it I had to sweat out one or two other picks by guys who had had their prize 'stolen'. It was big fun. Almost as much fun as seeing most of my extended family pouting about losing a waffle maker to Uncle Ralph in 2007.

The Haddix card is graded and in a case (which is why it's not as 'sharp in the scan as it really is) but I'll be freeing it here before too long. Cardboard needs to breathe, dammit!

BTW, one of the guys who was kicked behind me because of losing his prize was able to pick up a 1962 Frank Robinson All Star card. If that one had been available when I chose I'd have been in a serious quandary. The '62 Robby is quite a cool card. But I love my Haddix. Look at that grin.


  1. Napkin's contest was awesome. You definitely scored with your Haddix. Actually we all scored in that contest. Doon is one generous blogger.

  2. That he is. There were some really cool prizes.