Friday, May 17, 2013

I'm a Publications Guy

Yes, I am. I mean, I really do love my cards and all the other assorted 'stuff' I've hoarded over the years. Really, I do. But the part of my memorabilia collection that's closest to my heart is my big stash of team publications. The vast majority of my collection is Oriole related but I do have quite a bit of ephemera relating to the Colts (Baltimore Colts only, thanks), Texans, NY Rangers, Houston Astros and Cougars, Nebraska Cornhuskers and a smattering of Dodger items as well.

If I was forced to choose between cards and publications, it would be 'bye bye cards'. So I'm always excited when my Oriole Media Guide shows up in the mail. Makes for tons of great reading. I've got a near complete run of Oriole Guides, lacking only the '54 and '56. Those early versions were called 'Spring Training Rosters' or 'Guides' and were just about eight pages long. Here is the '55.

The Orioles have had an erratic history of publishing yearbooks in the last two decades but they've been putting them out fairly consistently in recent years and my 2013 is supposed to arrive in June. Can't wait.

I'm working on a history of Oriole Yearbooks. It'll make a long post one of these days.

The Oriole Magazine above is a pretty slick publication that is issued three or four times a year. This is my first year to subscribe along with the yearbook and Media Guide. Jury still out on these.


  1. Very cool. I have been meaning to pick up a few A's publications. I figure I'd start off slow and grab their World Series programs and move forward from there. Best of luck in your search for the '54 and '56.

  2. Here the clubs have something similar in the start of the season. But if we are support members of the club, at least in my club, we receive the clubs magazine every two months.

    Hope you don't have to choose between publications and cards. Lets choose the best way and have both ;)

  3. I don't treat my Dodger yearbooks with enough respect (I have 'em all from '74-'85 with a '66 as well). I need to store them better.