Sunday, May 26, 2013

Frank Robinson program

I've mentioned (ad nauseum I guess) that publications, particularly team issued ones, are a big part of my hobby enjoyment. Here's an example of the type of thing I collect. Obviously it's a Frank Robinson Hall of Fame Day 'program' from 1982. Frank had been enshrined earlier that summer. The program is 30 some-odd pages long with a gatefold ad for United Airlines in the center. The other 30 or so pages are comprised of photos, color and sepia-toned, representing different eras of Frank's life. 

There is a brief write-up that accompanies each group of pictures. The scan below is of two pages. I posted it sideways intentionally for perspective. 

I like that they included baseball cards as part of the tribute.

 Notice anything about the page below?

Yup, the portrait picture is reversed. The Bird is backwards. Too bad because the pic of Frank in the vest uniform is pretty sweet.

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