Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Sunday

Today is the Super Bowl of course. And if all has gone as planned I will turn on the game at the kickoff and  I've successfully avoided all the endless talking heads and stupid personality features that make up the day long pregame.

I'll be rooting for the Ravens, but not very passionately. Baltimore is my hometown but I was long gone before the Ravens showed up. Between the time the BALTIMORE COLTS were highjacked to Indy and the Texans showed up here in Houston I tried to be a Ravens fan. It didn't take. Just felt wrong to cheer for a team that had been taken from their home the same way the Colts had been.

I've gotten over all that. It was painful for a long time but now the Colts are just another team. I don't get twinges of disgust at seeing the blue and white on someone else's team like I used to. What's the point. I adopted the Texans, bought season seats and never have looked back.

I have some cards of Raven players. These are guys I've had on my fantasy team in the last few years. Like almost all the shiny new cards they are all pretty and cool. But are they half as cool as the 1961 Fleer Abner Haynes card up top. I mean look at that thing. They don't make those cards anymore. The great helmet-less action poses! I wonder how many times they asked Abner to jump across the photographers field of vision before they got one they liked? Once? A dozen?

That scan does absolutely no justice to the actual card. In hand, except for the brownish aging tint on the back, it looks like it came from a pack last week.

Here are the Ravens from my fantasy team collection:

Let's hope it's a great Super Bowl!!

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