Tuesday, February 5, 2013

More 1961 Topps Goodness... Wes Covington

I finally picked up this card after admiring it for a long time. I can strike it from the list of my Most Wanted cards. That Milwaukee Braves uniform is a classic. Wes Covington wears it well, the stirrups are the standard of a bygone era and the pose is pretty unusual for cards back then. I even love that patch on his left sleeve. It's a lot more dignified than the screaming brave logo that appeared in about 1957 if I am not mistaken.

I wonder if the photographer had Covington pose like that or did he catch him as he was pulling a bat from the rack before batting practice and by calling his name got him to look up. Probably a pose but either way it's a unique and beautiful baseball card.

Covington has two cards in the 1959 set that I am collecting, an All Star card and a his regular card which features a good portrait shot. He was an interesting man who lived and worked in Edmonton, Alberta and wasn't involved much in baseball except for his work with a minor league team there.