Thursday, February 21, 2013

1993 Ted Williams Card Company #BR2 Brooks Robinson

I don't know much about this card came from other that it came from the Ted Williams Card Company 1993 Brooks Robinson 9 card set. The company was founded by Ted's son and issued two 162 card (plus inserts?) sets in '93 and 1994. Plus assorted 'stuff' like the Brooksie set.

I have a handful of football cards with the Ted Williams logo as well. The picture is of Brooks, of course, giving his speech at his Cooperstown induction ceremony. The back is a block of info over a wall of text. Not very interesting. But it's always kind of neat to see Brooks' entire run of seasons in the orange and black lined up in a row.

I rescued this card from a $1 bin at a card show some years back. I bought it because it was autographed and I thought I was sparing it from the indignity of sitting among the rest of the crap in that box: battered 1957's,  player themed phone cards (raise your hands... or eyebrows, if you remember that junk), and Die-cut Pacific Royal Renata Galasso Chrome Refractor Insert Limited High Number Blank Backed Drew Bledsoes.

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