Thursday, February 7, 2013

1966 Orioles World Series Charm

This charm is a companion piece to the press pins given to media and VIP's at the World Series every year. I had my eye on the 'pin' version but I decided that my budget would be just as happy with the charm. It doesn't scan as well as the '69 version. Nor was I able to get a good picture with my camera. Trust me, it's pretty sweet.

The 1966 Series, of course, was my introduction to the joys of rooting for a baseball team in the post-season. I was an 8th grader in the fall of 1966, my last year at St. Mary's School. Luckily the Sisters of Charity that ran the place were baseball fans because every year they would roll out the big ass black-and-white TV's on carts and we'd get to watch until it was time to go home.

I remember very well running home from the bus stop in 1960 and getting there in time to see Bill Mazeroski's homer to beat the Yanks. I have vivid memories of watching the '62 and '63 Series on those tv's as well.

Outside of the World Series and the very lame 'educational' shows we viewed from time to time, the only other tv watching I recall  at St. Mary's was the afternoon that JFK was assassinated.

But back to '66. It was pretty darn glorious to be an O's fan. The Robinsons, a young Jim Palmer, Hank Bauer and the rest. My aunt in Baltimore saved all the sport sections from the Sun and sent them to me. Although the Dodgers were my 'second' team and Sandy Koufax was my favorite non-Oriole at the time, I don't recall any reservations about praying for an Oriole win.

Good times!!

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