Tuesday, November 6, 2012

El Presidente!

The Astros have announced that Dennis Martinez is joining their staff for 2013. That's great news for someone who was a big fan of the guy back when he was active. There are some players who, when your team cuts ties with the, tend to fade from your focus. Not with Dennis Martinez. If anything I became more of a fan of his after he was traded off than he was when he pitched for the O's.

I knew the issues he had had in his personal life and was really happy to see him get them straightened out and have so much success. I'm really looking forward to seeing him at Minute Maid next season. 

Here's an El Presidente trivia fact. Counting his original signing by the Orioles Martinez signed as a free agent six times in his career. First by the O's, then after the trade to the Expos he re-signed free agent contracts twice with them and later signed FA contracts with the Indians, Mariners and Braves.

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