Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Power Up!

I've really neglected my 1958 and 1960 Topps set blogs in recent months. And I feel bad about it. Not because I was disappointing the vast armies of readers who were terribly interested in my latest card post from sets issued before they were born. (Those folks don't exist, BTW) No, I miss the fun of looking at these beauties. And scurrying down the rabbit holes that researching them frequently reveals.

Speaking of which did you know that Vic Power (b. Victor Pellot) was on track to be the first black player for the Yankees but was traded out of their system because of his lack of fielding prowess, or so said GM Dan Topping. Power contended there were other reasons at play. The fact that he won seven Gold Gloves during his career does work to impune Topping's statement.

So I'm going to crank 'em back up. I'm not sure how often I can get posts written and online but I'll do what I can. I'm probably going to change the contents of the posts. I want to make them short and to the point.

I'm also going to post the cards in numerical order. I'll begin with the #1 card and work through the set skipping the cards I've already posted obviously. This'll make it easier to track and eliminate the kind of things I used to concern myself with. Dumb stuff like whether or not I'm posting the same color card too frequently or trying to seed the blog with subsets and specials at certain intervals.

I think the only concession I'll make to my old ways is that I'm going to continue to post a 1960 team card along with the manager and coaches cards.  I kind of liked having them all together.

Readers here will be able to see the latest posts in each blog over on the right-hand side of course. Each set has a Hall of Famer in the #1 slot, btw. Look for them to appear on a blog near you soon!


  1. If you post in numerical order, the "problem" with colors and multi-player cards should take care of itself, because Topps themselves tried to vary them.

  2. Both of those are great sets, particularly 60.

  3. Looking forward to these posts. Gives me an opportunity to learn a little more about players from the past. I had heard the name Vic Powers, but didn't know the story behind him and the Yankees.

    As for these sets... I don't own many cards from either... but I really, really, really enjoy the 1960 design. It ranks 6th right now behind 1975, 1972, 1983, 1965, and of course 1956 in regards to my favorite Topps baseball card designs.

  4. Late to the party, but yahoooo! I'm looking forward to these. Also, you're the second person to put Vic Power on my radar in the recent weeks. Coincidence, or the cardboard gods giving me subtle hints? Hmm..