Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Patches? We don't need no stinkin' patches!

I love patches. I've got a bunch of them, mostly O's and NY Rangers. I'll toss a few up here from time to time. Just another thing I like to collect.

This one wasn't one that the Orioles wore on their unis at any point but I love it just the same. This is how the 'Bird' appeared on the cover of the '54 yearbook and first game program from Memorial Stadium.

It's the cool Oriole caricature that was created by Baltimore Sun cartoonist Jim Hartzell. For many years the Bird flew on the front page of the Sun, either happily or dejectedly depending on the previous days game outcome.

The Bird is the ancestor of the 'happy bird' that adorns the classic (and current) O's game caps. I've got the same bird of vintage stickers, decals and pinbacks.





Here are a couple from the Sun's front pages.

The '54 Bird, again.


The Sun resurrected the Bird in 2009. Drawn by Mike Ricigliano.


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