Saturday, July 28, 2012

Heartbreaking Cards from Matt

I received a surprise envelope from Matt of Heartbreaking Cards fame on Monday. Those kind of surprises are especially welcome. Here is what he included:

Dig this one. 1967 Topps N. League (N. League? I never noticed that before) ERA Leaders. I'm always rambling about how much I like these leaders cards with the list of players on the back. I'd spend lots of time as a kid studying the numbers. Is this one scarred? Yes, but who cares, look who's on the front...Sandy Koufax, Mike Cuellar and Juan Marichal!!! I have collections of all three. I sat next to Cuellar in the Astrodome at a game in 1968 and he became a favorite of mine.

Look at Koufax's ERA... 1.76 One point Seven Six. LOL

A couple of Lance Berkmans. The first of these is a patch card that's about as thick a card as I've ever seen. My kids and I have followed Lance since his days at Rice. His leaving the 'Stros was a day of mourning for my boys. He's had some tough luck lately and I just heard he got hurt again this week. 

Wei-Yin Chen A&G. The 20 years of Camden Yards patch is a nice touch. I like cards that show sleeve patches front and center.

A Mike Cuellar issued by Topps in 2005. Someone who collected in those days can clue me in as to whether this was a regular issue card or some sort of insert, subset, etc. The modern card stuff confuses me. But either way it's a nice addition to my Cuellar binder pages. 

Finally here's the immortal Johnny Unitas on a Allen & Ginter's Yankee Stadium Tribute mini card. The back mentions that it was a National card show promo. This looks like a variation of my eTopps Johnny Unitas card except I can actually scan this baby. 

Thanks so very much Matt. Again I find that this hobby has some very generous and thoughtful people in it.