Friday, July 13, 2012

Getting my Mossi on

A few weeks ago I was posting about cheap classic Don Mossi cards. I mentioned that I was missing the wonderful 1966 Topps Mossi. Well I found this really nice copy on eBay for $1.25 shipped. Can't beat that!

The card is a bit off-centered to the left on the back, but not above the name box/cartoon as my scan would lead you to believe. It's a really sharp card. KC was Don's last major league stop. And I think this is his last card. 

I'm not the only guy happy to own it either. Not sure who this guy* is but he's damn proud of his '66 as well.


*Actually I do know now, it's film critic Glenn Kerry. Don't know what he thinks of any movies but his taste in baseball cards is impeccable.

Even more of Mossi. He's included in the Italian American Baseball Heroes set that I bought but haven't gotten around to unsealing yet. This is the portrait that is on his card. Wonder where the artist found his inspiration?

                                             Italian American Baseball Heroes

And finally Don Mossi salutes my adopted state of Texas!