Friday, July 6, 2012

My Diamond Giveaway cards

I read somewhere that the Diamond Giveaway site was shutting down so I figured I'd go ahead and pay more to have these cards shipped than they are worth. Whatever. 

Here's a Ben McDonald Topps from 1996. Is this the regular issue design? I don't recognize it. McDonald was signing at a local hotel ballroom card show near me once. I think he was signing for free. I got a picture and asked him to sign it for my sons, Brooks and James. He looked at me like I had two heads. 

1977 Dyer Miller and 1980 Pat Kelly

Both of these are a bit nicer than the ones in my Oriole team sets from those years so I'm happy. Plus a Pat Kelly card is always welcome.  He was a super nice guy. He passed away far too young in 2005. He'll aways be a favorite of mine.

And finally the card my scanner hated, 1993 Arthur Rhodes

I watched some of the World Series last year and at one point the Cards called in a reliever. When I saw the name 'Arthur Rhodes' I assumed they just left 'Jr.' off the graphic. No way it could be THE Arthur Rhodes. But it was, of course. He was only 41 at the time. But I would have bet he'd pitched for 41 years. I'm glad he got his ring. Nice job.