Thursday, July 19, 2012

Non-Sports Collection

Fuji laid down another contest challenge (I have no chance in the contest but the effort is fun). He asked us to "Show and/or Tell" anything we collect that is not related to sports. I spun around in my chair to look at my shelves.

As I posted over there in the comments I have a couple of things I'm interested in that fall outside the realm of sports. I have a nice group of vinyl albums. They are mostly early Beatles albums and others from that generation of music. At one time I had a couple of bookcases filled with vinyl but I sold off or donated about 90% of them. As my family grew space became limited and something had to go.

I also had one wall of the family room lined with shelves of books, many of which were U. S. Presidential bios. I probably had every book on Lincoln and LBJ ever printed. I kept most of those but, like the albums, had to sacrifice many of the others. My book collection now consists mostly of those Lincoln and LBJ books, any book I can find on the Orioles or BALTIMORE Colts, Patrick O'Brian's Aubrey/Maturin series and some reference books.

The one active non-sports collection I have is Presidential campaign buttons and pins. My collection is dwarfed by some of the ones I've seen. The LBJ Library in Austin was a great many. I have 60, maybe 70 with the oldest being an FDR button whose date I haven't been able to determine exactly.

I have some of my best ones mounted in display cases but most are loose and I was able to scan a few. My favorites are the over-sized LBJ buttons I posted here, my two JFK/Johnson buttons (not scanned) and the 'Sagitarius For Jackson'. That one's a hoot.

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  1. Cool collection. I have a few presidential pins myself: Reagan/Bush, a Papa Bush, and an Obama.