Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1957 Topps Al Smith

Here's Al Smith. No reason in particular. Just a nice vintage Al Smith. I've been looking hard at the 1957 set and trying to decide if I want to make it my next long term collecting project. I might just opt for something that's not as expensive like a 60s' era football set. We'll see.

Oh, here's Al Smith getting a beer dumped on his head during Game Two of the 1959 World Series..

And a note from Wikipedia:
In December 1957, Smith was traded by Cleveland along with Early Wynn to the Chicago White Sox for Minnie Miñoso and Fred Hatfield, in a deal that was very unpopular among Chicago fans (Miñoso was "their guy"). He slumped in his first year with the White Sox to the point that eccentric owner Bill Veeck held an Al Smith Night to honor his outfielder. Anyone named Smith, Smythe, Schmidt, or Smithe was admitted free and given a button that said, "I'm a Smith and I'm for Al." On his big night, Smith hit into two double plays and dropped a fly ball that led to the Boston Red Sox;s winning run. (Comiskey Park, August 26, 1959).