Sunday, July 2, 2017

The two Jim Palmers

When my son, James Palmer Andrews, was a toddler in the early 1990s he underwent a series of operations on his arm and wrist. He had a huge cast on his arm for several of his recoveries and was never too happy about that. My wife customized his sling with this Jim Palmer patch. The sling was a big hit with James' doctors and nurses. We'd forgotten about it until we were doing some closet cleaning and came across a box with his old arm braces that also contained this sling.

These patches were floating around the hobby back then. I'd usually find see them on the same dealers tables where you'd find Broder cards, Beanie Babies and 'phone' cards. I seem to recall sending off for this, maybe as a cereal premium but I could very well be wrong on that. I'm putting a bit more about these at the bottom of this post.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this picture before but here it is again. This is from a promotional appearance the 'real' JP did in Houston for Jockey in 1989 when my guys were just a few months old. I'm holding Brooks and my wife has James. One day soon I need to have the two 'Jim Palmers' back together again for a followup photo. 

As I continue to struggle to get my scanner to cooperate with my new desktop setup I thought I'd pull up a few of my Jim Palmer scans/photos and lay them out here. The vintage cards and oddballs are from my Palmer binder, the newer ones came mostly from other generous bloggers. Enjoy a Jim Palmer gallery as we head into the 4th of July holiday.

Starting with his rookie card, the 1966 Topps, and continuing on in no particular order.

Players wore the patches on wristbands as seen in these shots. 

Barry Bonds 'Say No To Drugs' wristband posted without comment. 

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