Monday, July 17, 2017

On the road again Part 2

I finished opening the Leaf 2016 Babe Ruth blaster box. To my surprise it had perfect collation. I received the complete base set, 1-80 and the two ten card subsets, Quotables and Career Achievements. Nice. I didn't pull a stadium seat or Ruth bat relic but that's OK. I found a cheap stadium seat card from the set on eBay and that'll serve as my 'insert example'.

It's a fun set to shuffle through. Lots of interesting pics of The babe. I am still relying on my phone camera so you'l have to excuse the pics. I'll just show a few. When I get home this will go into a binder.

There were several cards of Ruth with kids, his and others:

Wow, I need to take better pix with my phone. Anyway there were pic of Ruth messing around with other sports including these:

Gimmicky/publicity pictures:

But the best cards, of course, show the Babe in uniform on the baseball diamond. I chose some of my favorites for these two shots:

It's a neat set, especially considering I pretty much got it for free. I'm looking forward to seeing it in binder pages.

Oh, and I also opened the Sage college football jumbo pack. Here are the 'highlights':

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  1. LOL on the Sage highlights. Those Ruth cards are fabulous.