Friday, April 8, 2016

Awesome Pierce Oddball

Yesterday I posted the '16 Heritage and Segui postcard I received from 'friend of every blog' Mark Hoyle. I get home and flip through the mail and there is another envelope from Mark and inside was this cool item.

The Billy Pierce Queen of Diamonds comes from a deck of White Sox cards that is manufactured and marketed as 'Hero Decks' by a company out of Ohio known as Parody Productions. I bought the Black America deck at the Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham a few years ago to get the Jim Brown, Bill Russell and Muhammad Ali cards but I think it's still unopened in my closet. I was vaguely aware that there were other products in the same line out there. I think I've stumbled across a couple out of the Baltimore Colts/Ravens set here and there.

If you check out their website you see that they make decks for quite a few other cities/teams as well as decks for various other subjects. I don't see any licencing info but maybe they have a good lawyer on staff. The decks are not available individually from the company or I'd buy an Orioles set from them.

The artwork reminds me of some of Jack Davis' Mad magazine drawings. My scanner hated the front of the card so I laid it out with a sheet of white paper over it and it scanned fine that way. Anyway it's a neat addition to the Pierce collection. Thanks again for looking out for me, Mark.


  1. Nice Piercce! I love these Hero Decks - I bought myself the Cubs deck way back when and I've never regretted it, nor have I ever used it to play cards either.

  2. Thank you for sharing that link. These Hero Decks are sweet! Kinda bummed that most of my teams (Oakland A's, San Diego Padres, Seattle Seahawks, and San Jose Sharks) didn't make the cut... but I might go out and grab the Packers set.

  3. Very cool! Found the entire Mets deck at a show recently and picked it up for 5 bucks. Love the cards!