Friday, April 3, 2015

Night Owl Will Like This

Well I did it. I let myself get roped into doing Fantasy Baseball again. I swore on my grandmother's headstone I wouldn't let myself be duped into another year of what is like having a second job, one that doesn't pay anything.

I was at a a Texas versus Houston softball game on Wednesday night when my friend called and begged me to take the final slot in his big money league. What can you do when the same guy that got you the royal treatment on a spring training vacation asks for a favor? And so, with 20 minutes of prep time after school, I jumped into Thursday night's draft.

The good news is that I had the #5 pick and was able to take Clayton Kershaw. The bad news is I was screwed after that. The only saving grace about this whole thing is that my entry fee was 'crowd funded' or whatever they call it.

Although the draft analyzer rated my effort as fourth best in the league I'm not very optimistic. The best thing I did was find my logo. Here it is:

My team is called "Ted's Frozen Head". I promise to not bore you with my fantasy efforts over the season (I lose interest usually about the middle of June anyway). That is unless it looks like I might end up feeling like this:

I will however chase cards of my players and if I come up with something interesting I'll post it.


  1. Replies
    1. I was expecting it to go Trout McCutchen Kershaw and either Goldschmidt/Cabrera. I was going to take whichever of those two were left. Hard to pass on Kershaw at 5. And these guys are really good at this. Way more experienced than me

  2. Love the team name & logo.

    I've been playing Fantasy baseball for years now, but we play for fun... No money has ever been involved. Aside from the enjoyable competition, I find I learn more about players this way.

  3. Awesome team name! Best of luck this season.

  4. Good luck!
    I started good after all last night. Hanley Ramirez did a great comeback to my team!