Thursday, April 23, 2015

Billy Pierce TTM items

A little over a month ago I put a package in the mail to one of my very favorite players, Billy Pierce. The envelope came back on Monday and I was very pleased with the results. Above you see the 1961 Topps card he signed. I selected that card because it's among my favorites of his since the picture shows him in Yankee Stadium, the only place I saw him pitch. I'd like to think that the photo was taken at the game I witnessed in 1960, the first one I ever attended with my father. It's highly doubtful but, hey, you never know.

I enclosed two other items. One was a note in which I asked him for any special memory of Yankee Stadium. His reply is a bit difficult to read but he said: "The Yanke(e) Stadium was the most exciting park I was ever in." 

And Billy was kind enough to sign the photo I included of my Pierce PC. The sig smeared a bit, and it looks like the package (at least my note) suffered some sort of water damage but I was very happy to receive it nonetheless. 

I'm not a serious autograph collector. And I already have several Pierce signed items. But to get these back makes my Billy Pierce collection that much more special to me.


  1. Awesome stuff, and so cool that he got to see your collection too! Love that '61 card.

  2. I picked up a Billy Pierce item today that you might be interested in. I searched for hours and couldn't find anything like it.