Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Orioles Stand-ups Part Two (and Three)

Jim Form Downington sent me the first part of this three part set of Orioles All Time Stand-ups. Those can be seen here

I had never seen them before but the 'Set One' designation on the original envelope clued me in that there had been others, and I went out and found them. As best I can figure the set is supposed to represent a 12 man squad of the best Orioles at each position, at least as selected by WMAR and Crown Petroleum. 

Set Two consists of 2B Bobby Grich....

...reliever Tippy Martinez....(who I learned is from Colorado)....

...SS Cal Ripken...

 ..and Mgr. Earl Weaver.

Set Three:.... CF Paul Blair...

..LF(?)... Ken Singleton...

...PH Terry Crowley...

...and the guy that O's broadcaster called that 'mountain of a man'.... 1B Boog Powell...

If you add in the Set One players.. the Robinsons, Jim Palmer and Rick Dempsey, the whole squad looks like this:

C  Dempsey
1B Powell
2B Grich
3B Brooksie
SS Ripken
OF Singleton, Blair and Frank Robby 
PH Crowley
SP Palmer
RP Tippy
Mgr Earl Weaver

They might not match up with the All Time Yankees or Dodgers, etc. :::grin::: but I'd go to war with these guys. As long as I had a gamer like Frank Robinson on my side I'd win my share.

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