Thursday, July 24, 2014

Further Proof That I Bought Anything (pt2)

Pictures. Yes, I bought someone else's pictures. These are Orioles Spring Training snapshots. I'm sure I didn't spend much, at least I hope not. The first four feature Brooks Robinson (and a batboy).

These last two are of Kenny Singleton and Paul Blair. I'm guessing they were all taken by the same person. There are notations on the reverse of each one, all in the same handwriting. If they were taken on the same day it must have been either 1975 or '76. Those were the only two seasons that Brooks, Blair and Singleton were all together on the Birds. 

That's a Yankees pitcher in the last shot. I've blown it up as much as I could and I'm still not sure who it is but maybe a Yankee 'expert' can help. I actually saw the Orioles and Yankees play a spring training game in the mid 70's. But it wasn't this game because I saw them in Fort Lauderdale and these pics were taken in Miami since the O's are the home team. EDIT...because I'm waaay too anal. I went back into my Media Guides and narrowed the game date down to either March 9, 1975 or March 14, 1976. Those were the only two day games the Orioles hosted against the Yanks in those spring camps.

EDIT: I believe Mark Hoyle has puzzled out our 'mystery' Yankee pitcher. I've tried to nail it down with newspaper archives but some many of them are pay sites now that I couldn't make any headway.


  1. Those are some great photos!

    The Yankee pitcher looks a bit familiar, but I can't place him even though I liked the Yankees at the time (because I was young and naive... plus Reggie and Billy Martin weren't in pinstripes yet and Steinbrenner's ego hadn't fully emerged)

  2. Very cool photos! I especially like the final one of Brooks.

  3. It sure looks like Rudy May to me.

    1. Looks like him but May was a lefty. I was thinking Dick Tidrow but every time I look close it looks more and more like a wrong-handed Rudy May. Since it seems to have been an early spring game it may well be a guy who washed out.

  4. I love stuff like this.. I would pick these up if the price was right