Saturday, July 19, 2014

COMC Throw Ins

Im sure nearly everyone does this sometimes... find a card you need or want from an online site and then pick up a bunch of other cards just to make the delivery cost worthwhile.

I had picked out some football singles on COMC and the cost wasn't much more than the $3 shipping they charge so I figured I'd grad a few others just so that I wasn't paying more for shipping than the cards cost.

In that situation I have a game plan: search for newer Oriole cards since I hardly ever buy these things by the pack.

I grabbed these from (I guess) the Topps Heritage card set. I might not have grabbed to Frank Robinson card at the top but I'm a sucker for those Cincy duds he's wearing. The name under the uni number is so unique and cool.

Another thing I always love is a card design that reflects team colors. Add to that the fact it's a Manny Machado card and I'm grabbing it.

And finally I'll take a cheap Palmer card anytime.

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  1. My theory is that because there are no shoulders on those jerseys, names longer than "ROSE" or "PEREZ" would not fit over the numbers.