Monday, April 9, 2012

Listening to the Birds

I've got Sirius radio and they've recently added MLB broadcasts as part of their internet listening add-on. As I type this I've listening to the O's/Yankees broadcast with Joe Angel at the mike. It's my first time to hear an O's game on the radio in quite some time. I like Joe Angel so far. He's got a touch of Jon Miller in his voice and style. You people with MLB packages that get 100s of games on your TV will laugh at me but this is a big deal for me.

When my family moved to the Jersey Shore for my last two years of high school I made a wonderful discovery. The radio in our kitchen picked up WBAL pretty clearly at night! I got to hear a lot of games in the 68-70 seasons at the kitchen table. It was heaven.

The O's lead broadcaster in those days was the terrific Chuck Thompson. Everyone has a favorite broadcaster, Chuck Thompson was mine.

"Ain't the beer cold!"

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