Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Batman The Movie cards, Robert Wuhl

A week ago my wife and I and many friends attended a University of Houston alumni gala honoring, among others, my friend and former roommate, actor Robert Wuhl. I've known Robert since 1972 or so. He's a great guy and fun to be around. 

He's had a very successful career as a comedian, writer, director and actor. He's done dozens of movies and TV shows. His best film work, in my opinion, was as Al Stump in Cobb which starred Tommy Lee Jones as the great ballplayer, intense and prickly in retirement.

You might know him as HBO's Arli$$ or one of him many supporting roles in films such as Bull Durham and Good Morning Vietnam.

He played Alexander Knox in the first of the Batman films and appeared on several cards issued by Topps for that movie. Here are a few. At the bottom is a shot of Robert and my late father at the 2005 World Series. We were Robert's guests and watched Game Two from Roger Clemens' suite in Minute Maid Park. My Dad was thrilled to be there and despite the Astros' loss he had a ball. It's a great memory for me and I'm very grateful that Robert made it possible.

The two series of Batman the Movie cards are the only modern non-sports cards I own, the only full set I have picked up since I collected Mars Attacks and Civil War News cards as a kid.

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