Thursday, May 16, 2019

A Good Week For Batman

I've added to my Batman sketch card collection with a couple of beauties I found and won via eBay. The artist, William Rivera, is awfully good, and very prolific! It's crazy how sometimes scans will make the piece being scanned look better. Not here. These two cards are far nicer in hand than they look in these pics.

And then yesterday I was at my old school helping during state testing days and an old friend and colleague gifted me with some terrific Batman display items. Again, a lousy pic of some really cool stuff. 

The action figure is about a foot tall. And I'm about at the point where I'm going to have to have a dedicated Batman display shelf. I'll have to get Alfred on that ASAP!

Thanks to my friend Harry for the Batman items. He's an artist and he's already contributed sketch cards he did especially for me. It's nice to have folks looking out for you, even when you're retired.


  1. Nice Bat Stuff. Love them sketch cards.

  2. That second card is really fantastic! Nice to see some Nano Metalfigs on blogs too, I have quite a few, including that particular Batman.

  3. Those sketch cards are fantastic! Lol. You just couldn't stay away from the classroom. That's very cool of you.