Monday, March 28, 2016

Billy Pierce '13 Heritage

I picked up a couple of Billy Pierce items over the course of the last month. But I can't access the scan of the 2nd one at the moment so I'll save it for another post.

I debated with myself over picking this one up. It's a 2013 signed 'Certified' Heritage in the '64 style. I actually had to check to see if I had one because it seemed familiar (even outside the obvious ' '64 Topps' aspect of being familiar).

Turns out I had a different version of the same card, one signed in red (oh my!!) and numbered by hand (double oh my!!). Topps was obviously considering the fact that they could make money by having 'completists' like me chase several different non-vintage versions of this version of a vintage card. All it really does is is make eBay sellers happy.

But whatever. I didn't spend much. And I got to add another row to my Pierce collection spreadsheet and 'X' the 'Got It' column. That's always fun. items that feature BP with the White Sox are always better than those that have him with the Giants but I like the '64 design a bunch and the orange/black/white scheme with the blue San Francisco sky make this a nice card, in any rendition.

I'll post the other new Pierce item, one from Comiskey Park, later this week once my fantasy baseball draft is over.

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