Monday, March 14, 2016

Obligatory Heritage Post

It's like some Blogger 'Law', right? You buy some packs of the new release and post them. Or your Blogger Licence is revoked.

So here is mine. I bought one jumbo pack with 35 cards in it. Odds should be that I'd get one Oriole. Nope. I NEVER get any Orioles in these new releases. I like Heritage. I almost always like Heritage. The retro design, sturdy cardstock, all good. The pics aren't all that great but what are you gonna do?

I'm not going to post any of the base cards, and I'm too lazy to check if I have any variations. I'll hang on to my cards because I'll likely need a few for my fantasy baseball binder in a few weeks.

I got two cards of interest (at least to me). One is the shiny chrome Matt Harvey you see above. The other is the Dodgers rookie card below. I only post it because I noticed that Frankie Montas doesn't have a facsimile autograph on his pic. Is that a 'no-sig variation'?

EDIT....Tony pointed out in comments that a sig is visible on that card. I can't redo the post because I'm at my optometrist appointment. ;-)

OK, I've posted about Heritage 2016. Please renew my licence.