Thursday, March 24, 2016

Renata Galasso/TCMA Oddballs

A dealer had a 400 count box on his table about half full of stuff neatly aligned in top loaders. The ones that caught my eye were these Renata Galasso cards from the mid-70s. Many stars on an off-the-wall set and a lot of them with uncommon photos. I asked him what he wanted for a couple of the cards and he quoted me a surprising low price for the box so I bought it.

The Galasso set is supposedly complete but I haven't bothered to look at the checklists sites online and it really doesn't matter to me with a set like this.

My scanner really hated these and many of them wouldn't scan correctly so I had to use the old 'stick a sheet of color paper over them' and scan that way. It works but cropping the cards is more work than I usually do so I only have a few here.

What my scanner did to the Banks card is typical of what it did to many others. The names and position/team line were cut off partially or completely.

I add Allie Reynolds cards to my collection when I stumble across them because he was one of my father's favorite players.

Here is the back of the Reynolds.

If you bought sports publications in the 70's you will probably remember the ads that Galasso ran in them. They were everywhere.

The rest of the box contained other oddballs, mostly TCMAs. Those scanned better and I'll post them next.


  1. Holy smokes, you found my dream table! If I got that deal I would have walked out with the box without looking at another card and feel completely satisfied.

    1. I couldn't agree more. What a purchase!

  2. I'm on board with N.O. and Jon -- I'd have taken that box and ran. Or, seen if there was another box and then taken both boxes and ran.

  3. Same here, what a great lot there! So cool that you were able to pick up the entire box.

  4. Congrats on the find! As someone who spent a lot of time poring over Renata Galasso ads, I feel a bit chagrined that I don't have any of these.

  5. There were 45 cards in the 1977 set (stars of the 1950s)