Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Billy Pierce Comiskey Cash

Here's the second newly acquired Pierce item that I've added recently. It's not particularly worthy of it's own post but I had forgotten to upload the scan until last night. BP collector and all around good guy JediJeff from 2x3 Heroes alerted me to these a year ago. It took me awhile to find them on eBay.

As you can probably deduce these things were to be used like cash at Comiskey concessions. I know a lot of teams/stadiums use this sort of thing now. I'm sure there is a logical reason for it. I guess that once you buy a wad of these you are committed to spending you dough there. Plus when you buy some you are paying upfront. The Sox (or whatever team) get to put your $$ in the back and draw interest on it for however long it takes for you to get around to using them. Oh, and some knuckleheads will buy them as souvenirs and the Sox come out ahead. Imagine that.

The Texans came up with a debit card-type thing which you can preload for any amount and it works that same way. It was offered for the first time last year (I think). I jumped on it last season because they were offering $85 concession cards for $65 if you bought them with your season tickets. If there isn't a discount this year I'll pass. And I spend so little at the stadium that I ended up having to find ways to use it up. Nobody could tell me it the balance carried forward to this year.

Anyway here is the back of the Pierce $5 'bill'. It's sort of hard to tell from the scan but it appears that it's printed on 'check' paper. Makes it harder to duplicate.

I picked up two of these so if one of my fellow Pierceheads wants one just say the word.