Wednesday, March 9, 2016


I'm pretty sure every blogger has scanned stuff and then 'forgotten' about it. I do that quite a bit. Periodically I go through my Picasa albums and pull up scans that never made it into a post for one reason or another. I label my albums by month so sometimes when the calendar changes scans get 'left behind'.

The stuff in this post comes mostly from my January and February albums. The Ron Kittle card was one I was uploading to a couple of different online storage sites as I was searching for alternatives for the soon-to-be-departed Picasa Web Albums. It sort of got lost in the shuffle.

I got the Kittle from my friend Mike McKay from Chicago who heads south to fantasy baseball camps each winter. He's gotten friendly with the somewhat larger than life Kittle and he's picked up some signed Kittle cards for me in previous years. 

Kittle is a hoot on social media and has a nice little business going making benches and displays out of baseball bats. Thanks, Mike. I always appreciate your thinking of me.

These others are football cards that I picked up at the January card show I attended or I snagged online. 

Jim Katcavage was a standout defensive lineman for the Giants while i was growing up and listening to their games with my Dad.

I found a couple of his cards in the bargain bin. His '69 Topps. that's not pink exactly. Fuchsia? Puce?

I'd buy a '64 Philly Gum of anyone for a quarter. After finding this one I dug thru the bin hoping for more but came up empty. One day I'm going to tackle this set.

I bought the Brodie for no reason at all other than the fact that I always loved the 49ers' unis back then.

I remember my father griping about the Giants trading Erich Barnes to Cleveland in the mid-60's. Hey, the '65 Philly Gum set isn't bad either.

We can file this Fleer sticker Philly Gum logo card (thanks, Jim) under 'Everything old is new again'.

Finally here is the one 1981 Topps/Coke card I needed. This 11 card set paralleled the regular Topps set. I'm not sure why the Greg Landry card out of was so hard to find. I finally found one over the Christmas break for a good price. Now I can scratch one more Baltimore Colts goal off my list.


  1. That's not a Fleer sticker. It's a team logo card from the 1967 Philly Gum set.


    2. That's what I get for posting stuff I bought three months ago and not looking at since. ,-)

    3. Shoot that happens to me with stuff I buy that week. Scan and it disappears into a pile somewhere

    4. Shoot that happens to me with stuff I buy that week. Scan and it disappears into a pile somewhere