My Favorite Non-Baseball Cards

These are from my collection and are my choices as my favorite non-baseball cards. They may not be the coolest looking card of that player ever issued or even of those I own but the ones I posted below are special to me for various reasons.

1966 Philadelphia Jim Brown

Jim Brown remains my gold standard of NFL running backs. This is my only card of his at the present but I'm working to rectify that. The '64 Philly Gum card with the Cadillac in the background is my favorite. Meanwhile I'll make do with this nice portrait.

1961 Nu-Card Ken Bolin

One of my very favorites. I found this card in a shop I frequented back when card shops first started to proliferate. I'd never seen the set and couldn't believe I had found a University of Houston player card. The combo of pennant, player pic (classic old school grimace pose) and cartoon motif makes for something very cool. I've picked up a few others along the way. They are very reasonable and I might put a set together one of these days. 

2007-08 Hot Prospects Henrik Lundqvist

I've been a Ranger fan just about longer than anything else, ever since my Dad took me to the old Madison Square Garden to watch the Rangers lose to Original Six clubs on a regular basis. Plus I'm partial to goalies, probably because I loved playing that position in street hockey. Love how the colors work through this card of King Henrik. Great hockey card.

1981 Topps Roger Carr

Roger Carr was the most morose appearing player I've ever seen. He always looks like he's in mourning for a loved one. This is the 'worst' (best) and therefore my favorite. I felt just like this when the Mayflower vans pulled out of Baltimore.

1964 Philadelphia John Mackey

EDIT: John Mackey died on July 7, 2011 after years of suffering from dementia. R.I.P.

John Mackey redefined his position and was a pioneer in the rights of the oft forgotten former players in his job as NFLPA president. Sadly his work kept him from induction into the Pro Football Hall of Fame due to politics. On top of that he was a wonderful guy, great to fans. I got to see him interact with the public at a memorabilia show many years ago and he was personable and gracious. 

The '64 Philly Gum set is so nice. Bright graphics and clean, clear photography. Great card here, my favorite in my Mackey collection. 

2001 Fleer G.O.T.G. Ed Giacomin

Eddie, Eddie! Eddie Murray was not the first guy to hear that chant. I'm betting Eddie Giacomin was. My hockey playing hero and at the center of one of my saddest day as a sports fan. When he was dealt to the Red Wings I thought the Apocalypse had arrived. 

Anyway I just picked this card up recently and I really like it. Old school photo on a new school card. I'd have liked to have seen the Ranger logo in the upper left instead of the foil Fleer stamp but that's a small quibble. Just goes to show that I'm not totally opposed to the current trend of autos and relics. 

1992 Pro Set Fred Couples (Signed)

I love golf and I loved the Pro Set golf cards. I never tried for a whole set but I sure grabbed cards of my favorite golfers and those of the legends that they included. My sons and I are big fans of University of Houston alum Fred Couples and we were lucky enough to watch him win the Shell Houston Open. We sent some cards and Sunday tickets from that tournament to his office. We received it all back signed. This is the coolest of the cards. Fred is most recognizable wearing a visor.

1961 Fleer Lenny Moore

Just a fabulous card with the great Colts Hall of Famer in the classic Colts uni and the vintage Memorial Stadium scoreboard in the background. Great cardboard art.

1970 Topps Gale Sayers
Next best thing to a Gale Sayers rookie card is any other Sayers vintage card and this is one sweet card. Nice portrait of one of the most exciting players to ever step on a field. In his heyday you had one objective when you played the Bears... stop Gale Sayers. 

1990 Score Mike Richter

This card sat in a display frame on our television while the Rangers went to the Stanley Cup finals and beat Vancouver in '94. How can it not be one of my favorite cards? 

2008 Press Pass AA ink Ware/Kolb

eBAY pick-up a couple of years ago. I'd never seen it and haven't seen another one since. Two great UH legends (and terrific representatives for UH) on one card, autographed by both. And a great looking card to boot.

1964 Philadelphia John Unitas

The 1964 Philly Gum set is one I'd love to pursue one of these days. Johnny U. looks like a runningback in this  one. Pretty much has him down to a 'T', crooked smile, flattop 'do and all. 

1970 Topps Gordie Howe
Mr. Hockey. I was lucky enough to see him play here in Houston with the Aeros of the WHA. Wasn't quite like seeing him with the Wings (did that just once in Madison Square Garden in the early '60s) but it was fun none the less. A Howe original was the last card I needed to say I had one of all my favorite pro athletes. It came pretty cheap and in better shape than I expected given the price. There are Howe cards I like better but this one means more than any other would since it ended a long search.

1957 Topps John Unitas Rookie

This is the only image on these pages of a card which is not the actual one I own. I've had two Unitas rookies. I swapped some Ripken rookies (I had many of those, another story for another post) for my first one. In a moment of weakness stupidity I sold it to a dealer. I waited for awhile until I found a really nice copy at a reasonable price and picked it up. That new one is in a slab and, while graded cards are not my thing, I just can't bring myself to pry it out of the plastic. I couldn't get a decent scan of it so I'm showing a web image I borrowed. The rookie card of the greatest football player ever. My hero and the guy I used to pray for the whole time I sat in church on Sunday mornings. I still can't believe I let my first copy go but my current copy is so much nicer. Some things work out for the best.