Thursday, June 18, 2020

I'm Still Here

But I haven't really had much going on hobby-wise, at least when it comes to picking up new 'stuff'. I've been plowing through the 1960 set and writing as many posts as I can. I'm set through July and into August I think.

I finally dug into a project I've been mulling for quite some time. The 1960 'colors' breakdown. With two main colors plus two (or more) text colors the combinations mount up fast. But I'm still tinkering with the spreadsheet so it'll be a few days before that gets posted.

Meanwhile, enjoy a football card from my 'These Need to Be Put In The Right Binder' box.

I posted my new(ish) 1986 Topps football set a few weeks back. Topps was putting 1000 Yard Club insert cards into packs back then and I bought the '86 group through SportsLots. (My "SportsLots is the worst designed card-selling website ever!" rant can wait)

I also picked up a signed Eric Dickerson from that insert set. I ought to hate Dickerson, he used to absolutely kill my Houston Cougars and I'm no fan of the SMU program. But ED was a ton of fun to watch.

Here's the card:

And the back:

They did versions of this insert through much of the 80s. 

Kind of surprising that the backs were colored so differently than the regular cards:

Then again, it's Topps, so maybe not.

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  1. Cool autograhp! I was a big Dickerson fan when he was with the Rams... but not so much when he got traded to the Colts.